If you’re going to get your CHL, let’s make it count. Our CHL class gets top reviews for being engaging, entertaining and highly educational. We take the mundane minimum curriculum and wrap it into real world oriented practical self-defense class where even the most experienced gun owners learn things. Content covers Oregon, Utah and Arizona. You will leave with everything needed to apply for Oregon and Utah and full instructions on how to submit for Arizona.  Class Pricing – $104 which includes:

  • OR, UT & AZ training curriculum
  • Fingerprint Card & Passport Photos for Utah
  • Instructions for Arizona Application

There are options at checkout for Oregon Only (-$20) or Utah Only (-$35)


  • Fingerprints and Photos required for Utah permit. Only opt-out if you already have them.
  • Arizona requires 2 sets of fingerprint cards. We do not provide them in this class. There are several resources for professional fingerprinting or you can pick up 2 extra copies at your Oregon appointment.
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