Firearm Transfer and Storage Policy

Firearm Transfer and Storage Policy

Policy Overview

As a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL), we ensure that all firearm transfers comply with federal and state regulations. This policy outlines our procedures and fees associated with the transfer, storage, and handling of firearms.

Transfer Process

  1. Notification: Once we receive a firearm on your behalf, we will check it in and promptly notify you to schedule an appointment.
  2. Appointment: You must make an appointment to complete the necessary paperwork and undergo a background check.

Storage Fees

  • Handguns: $25 per month
  • Long Guns: $50 per month

If you do not collect your firearm within 30 days of our initial notification, storage fees will begin to accrue as outlined above.

Abandonment of Firearms

If we are unable to contact you or you do not collect your firearm within 90 days, we will consider the firearm abandoned. In such cases, we reserve the right to sell the firearm to recover any fees incurred during the processing and storage period.

Important Notes

  • Ensure your contact information is current and accurate to avoid unnecessary delays or additional charges.
  • Timely response and appointment scheduling are essential to avoid storage fees and potential forfeiture of your firearm.

By utilizing our firearm transfer services, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of this policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.