SECURITY Training & Certifications

Individual and group classes available. Corporate pricing available. Please Contact Us for more details or to set up a class.
Required completion within 2 years for any follow-up Courses offered.

Use Of Force

This ACCJT certified instruction provides the information, insights, and strategies necessary to reduce company and officer liability.  This course is based on the nationally acclaimed use of force treatise: Managing the Use of Force Incident for Criminal Justice Officers, Supervisors, and Administrators by Howard Webb. Class time: 2 hours
Topics Covered

  • Causation of Lawsuits
  • Explanation of Force Options
  • Use of Force and Public Relations
  • Understanding the Force Continuum
  • Principles of Use of Force Justification
  • Causes of Liability
  • Federal Court Guidelines on the Use Non-deadly Force
  • Writing an Effective and Defensible Use of Force Report
  • U.S. Supreme Court Guidelines on the Proper Use of Deadly Force

De-escalation & Soft Skills

This course is designed to teach the soft skills necessary for compliance for contact professionals.  A variety of topics are covered to include tactical communication, active listening, improving awareness, developing empathy, generating voluntary compliance, de-escalation vs non-escalation, avoidance & evasion and more.


Baton Certification

This ACCJT Certification module covers the use of the expandable baton:

  • Baton Deployment
  • Staging & Movement Drills
  • Baton Strikes and Thrusts
  • Dynamic Baton Simulations
  • Integrative Force options

Handcuffing Certification

This ACCJT Certification module covers compliant handcuffing:

  • Basic concepts
  • Loading & staging
  • Officer Safety
  • Compliance Communication
  • Cuffing Techniques & practice
  • Rapid force switch drills

OC Spray Certification

This ACCJT Certification module covers the use of OC Spray:

  • History of OC Weapons
  • Inert Exposure Exercises
  • Selection Considerations
  • Minimizing the liability
  • Realistic use scenarios
  • Integrative force options

TASER Certification

This dual certificate course is a combination of the Axon Civilian TASER Certification course with a DAC tactical use module:

  • TASER safety & Concepts
  • Understanding NMI
  • Reactionary gap & CQC
  • Drive stun use

Counter Assault Tactics

83% of officer assaults occur with the assailant’s hands, fists, or feet. This program prepares you for that sudden, violent attack.

  • Ground Defense
  • Edged Weapon Defense
  • Impact Weapon Defense
  • Unarmed Assaults
  • Body Holds and Chokes
  • Dynamic Assault Simulations
  • Indicators of Violent Behavior

Martial Skills for the Security Professional

This course teaches the basics of movement, blocking, striking & generating power.

  • Staying on your feet
  • Basic blocking
  • Basic strikes & kicks
  • Redirecting force & using it
  • Weapon Integration
  • Dynamic Assault Simulations
No prerequisite are required for these courses

CPR, AED & First Aid

DAC instructors are certified with the American Red Cross, HSI & EMS Safety to certify officers on:

  • CPR & AED
  • BLS
  • First Aid
  • Life Threatening Bleeding
  • Active Violence Emergency Response

Emergency Trauma

Our Trauma & Registered Nurse Instructor oversees our trauma & severe bleeding courses. These courses can be customized to teach specific content but include:

  • Tourniquet Use
  • Chest Seals
  • Wound Packing
  • Advanced bandaging
  • Improvised Trauma Care

Vehicle Approach

This ACCJT course is for Security Officers who need to approach vehicles.  Topics covered include:

  • Passenger & Driver Apprach
  • Front & Back Considerations
  • Reactionary Gap
  • Tactical Considerations
  • Communication
  • Unwanted Exiting
We have wide-ranging experience, resulting in more training options than we can list on our website.  If you're not seeing what you are looking for, reach out to us and let's see what we can put together to meet your specific needs.